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Post by Alysia Greenwood on Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:44 am

This thread is dedicated solely to the recruitment & overview of SOUTH Bannermen

THE SOUTH: FORCES OVERVIEW(updated regularly)

Alysia Greenwood - Warden of the south
- trade/swindle specialist; 43 CP - 25+ SS permanent in AvA; best actions = trade 850-1200 avg.
- Europe time zone

Julian Delphiki - Marshall of the South and 2nd in command, can issue valid direct orders in my absence
- info pending
- US time zone

Aemon Greyfeather
- battle/trade; 35 CP (before re-inc Smile )


Become a revered warrior of the south! Rally under my flag (red with a tree on it) and rejoice in glorious fulfillment of ambitious yet achievable (hope-so...) AvA goals! Pay debts you have never made to alliances which have never asked for it! Kill sworn swords of people you totally do not know and feel the satisfaction of receiving a questionable seal which you would get anyway evein if you just performed any single action in AvA! That is our Game of Thrones, who played it once cannot live without it any more!*

* participation may lead to death of Sworn Swords, making oneself unpopular with people whose Sworn Swords you have killed and be exposed to retaliatory measures in PtP.


Write an enthusiastic reply and sign in for the SOUTH with your name and the key info:

- your specialization, if any
- total CP
- how many SS you plan to commit to AvA more or less fully
- cca. value of your best attacks

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THE SOUTH - Bannermen Empty Re: THE SOUTH - Bannermen

Post by Aemon Greyfeather on Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:08 pm

I would join your force. Enthusiastic enough? Wink

1: Battle, then Trade
2: actually 35 CP
3: i have now 46 SS and would recruit more and send all i can

But i have thinked about reincarnation in the first phase. So i can sell all and spend all to the camps.

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